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Donate to Squaw Valley Institute!

We try to keep our ticket prices low and accessible to all in our community. But ticket sales cover only a small portion of our costs, and we rely on generous donations, memberships and corporate sponsorships to fund the remainder of our operating costs.

Donate Today!

Your generous donations are the fund and support Squaw Valley Institute.

What your donation helps to cover:

Partially covers the cost of an email blast regarding an event $25.00

Helps to fund a month of website operations $50.00

Covers the cost of poster marketing for an event $100.00

Covers the cost of a visiting speaker’s accommodations $150.00

Sponsors 50 students’ attendance at Squaw Valley Institute events $500.00

Sponsors 100 students’ attendance at Squaw Valley Institute events $1,000.00

Allows Squaw Valley Institute to bring a ‘name’ speaker to Tahoe $5,000.00

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