The squaw valley kids' institute

Celebrating curiosity & cultivating among our young people a sense of community and global belonging by studying and engaging with remarkable people.

Students are ages 11—14 and come from a variety of backgrounds and educational institutions. Learn more about the SVI Kids' Institute here. 

To join: please contact Carolyn Hamilton  

Members of the Squaw Valley Kids’ Institute experience uncommon conversations and lasting transformations as they:

  • Expand their view of the world and their individual place in it by preparing for and conversing with the world’s advocates & thinkers.
  • Seek smart, sincere & enlightened questions for SVI’s speakers by engaging in 5 weeks of relevant, meaningful, examined, community-rooted study.
  • Access & honor local thinkers & doers whose work, ideas and local impact relates to the work, ideas and impact of incoming speakers; 
  • Examine & Share their own experiences and ideas, fitting them into the larger peer-, community-, and global context.
  • Interact within a multi-age, diverse group.
  • Convert their newfound interests to local opportunities for action.

Speakers we’ve Experienced:

  • Colleen Morton-Busch and David Zimmerman, Fire Monks, Zen Mind Meets Wildfire
  • Bethany Hamilton, Surfer
  • Joel Salatin, Farmer, Activist, Environmentalist
  • Julie Hanna, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Chairperson for Kiva
  • Diane Van Deren, Ultra-runner