How to Pan Fry Oysters

How to Pan Fry Oysters

Pan-fried oysters are a great appetizer that pairs well with a variety of fermentation styles, especially West Coast IPAs and dry Irish stouts. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to get a little home, a small organization.

Ingredients You Will Need


Vegetable oil


Beer (with soda or milk)



Condiments – salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion, and cayenne pepper (optional)

Can shellfish already be used?

In fact, frying oysters is a great way to eat store-bought oysters. If you live in a landlocked country like ours, finding frozen shellfish is much easier than finding live oysters on a shell.

The novelty is clearly perfect, and if you live near water and it is not a problem to have new oysters – we raise the bowl for your happy circumstances.

Organize your workflow

It would be best if you served the fried oysters right away, so it is worth preparing several dishes in advance.

Prepare a serving plate with a few lemon slices, dips, sauces, and kale salad (if served). Maybe a couple of side dishes.

Alternatively, prepare a plate lined with paper towels to dry the fried oysters for a minute before transferring them to a serving plate.

How to fry oysters

If using peeled oysters, it is recommended to rinse and strain quickly. If you are using new oysters, you need shucking raw oysters first.

After that, they need to be baked or mixed and then fried.

As much as we love beer dough, as far as fried oysters are concerned, we love their bread. Chips are usually made into fresh panko-fried oysters, and the contrast between crisp on the outside and tender on the inside is fantastic.

To start making the egg mixture, beat the eggs with a delicious beer (our favourite method, but you can substitute milk for it), salt, pepper, garlic, onion powder, and hot pepper (optional).

Mix flour and panko mousse (in the south, cornflour is used).

Heat oil in a skillet (about 1/2 inch down).

Dip oysters in egg wash, top with baking mixture and top with hot oil.

Sear for about a minute on each side (gently turn with a spoon) and place on a paper towel lined plate.

What types of sauces, sauces, and side dishes are suitable for fried oysters?

The ideal way to serve fried oysters is to reformat them. There are many delicious variations (spicy, smoky, sourer), but this time Chris made the classic remoulade – mayonnaise, vinegar, mustard, shallots, capers, chopped pickles, and fresh onions.

You can also make a lemon and garlic aioli, or serve it with any fire dipping sauce. Lemon or lemon wedges are an absolute must, and we would like to add a new side dish like green onions and add a quick kale and mayonnaise puree.

If you want to turn fried oysters into a dish and not just a snack, you can always tie a small sandwich or eat it with pan-frying dumplings(our favourite Caesar).

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