How to Pan Fry Catfish Without Cornmeal

How to Pan Fry Catfish Without Cornmeal

Pan Flying a catfish without cornmeal is easily accessible, quick-cooking, and affordable. However, below is a step by step on making delicious a catfish without utilizing any cornmeal successfully.

Prep time – 15 minutes

Cook time -14 minutes

Course: Main course

Recipe: Pan-fried catfish without cornmeal

Cuisine: American

Serving: 4

Helpful tips

1. To get the superlative possible results, begin by ensuring that your catfish is fresh. Besides, know that a fresh fish will smell like clean water, avoid purchasing catfish, which got a fishy odor. Remember, cooking will not improve it.

2. In, essence if it is the first time to pan flying catfish, someone might require cutting it into smaller chunks or pieces. Whole catfish fillets or big chucks might be somewhat intimidating.

3. Besides, overcrowding the cast iron or deep-fryer can reduce the oil’s temperature, resulting in a soggy fish. Thus stick with specific few pieces at a time.

4. However, for crispier out comings, I regularly utilize the Dutch oven, since it retains the heat more. Otherwise, before pan-frying, the temperature should range between 375 degrees. It makes sure that the used butter reacts and makes a barrier between the food and oil. However, if the oil’s temperature is much low, then your food soak up oil.

5. After you have removed the catfish out of the fryer, put them on a metal cooling rack on the sheet pan to avoid it from getting soggy.


(a) 4-6 ounce catfish fillets ( spice in small pieces/chucks

(b) 1 Tablespoon of granulated garlic

(c) ½-1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper

(d) One teaspoon of onion powder

(e) Two lemon

(f) One teaspoon of black or white pepper

(g) 11/2 cup of buttermilk and pure milk

(h) Two teaspoons of salt (regulate to taste)

Spicy Tartar Sauce

(a) One tablespoon of granulated garlic

(b) ½-1 tablespoons of mustard sauce

(c) 1 cup of mayonnaise

(d) Three tablespoons of hot pepper relish

(e) Dash hot sauce

(f) Pepper and salt to taste

(g) Squeezed lemon juice


1. Preheat your deep-fryer to about 375 degrees F or preferably in big pan decant vegetable oil-half way, it’s better to use saute pan than a fry pan.

2. In a big container mix together, onion powder, garlic, cayenne, pepper, and salt

3. In case the fish fillet is much large, cut them into bite-sized parts

4. Dip every strip in buttermilk then lightly deep to pure milk

5. Deep fry the catfish in a saute pan or fryer a few portions at a time, just like making any other fried foods, you need to move them around to avoid sticking. Fry until crispy and brown, around 3 and 4 minutes or more contingent on your catfish size. Besides, large chucks take around 6 minutes each side, just like cooking fry

6. Remove from pan fryer using a slotted spoon and put on a cookie rack to guarantee crispness. Repeat with your remaining fillets and then season your fish with lemon juice.

7. Serve the fish with appetizing spicy tartar sauce.

Spicy tartar sauce

In a serving dish, combine garlic, onions, mayonnaise, mustard, hot pepper relish, salt, pepper, and dash hot sauce. Cover the mixture using plastic wrap and wait for the flavors mellow in a refrigerator for about 60 minutes before serving. Enjoy the meal.

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