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NOVEMBER 17: Tom Kelly’s “Behind The Gold: Winning Traits of Olympic Athletes”

TOM KELLY’S “Behind the Gold: Winning Traits of Olympic Athletes” is coming to Squaw Valley to take you deep inside the Olympic Winter Games to experience first-hand stories of athletic success and how you can translate those winning traits into your own personal life or business career. 
Kelly’s presentation will mix his unique storytelling with stunning photography and awe-inspiring videos from past experiences that have lead his athletes to Olympic success. As a frontline communicator, Kelly will talk about the unique place the Olympics holds in our culture today, as well as conveying insightful stories of athletes.
Who is Tom Kelly?
A noted public speaker, Tom Kelly is the Vice President of Communications for the US Ski & Snowboard Teams (USSA). He has served on the front line of nine Olympics since 1980, working closely with some of America’s greatest Olympic champions throughout their careers. Kelly has been in the finish area for over 130 Olympic and World Championship medals. A Wisconsin native, he has lived in Utah since 1988, previously serving as a chairman for the International Ski Federation. In addition to his passion for the Olympics, he’s an avid skier, photographer, world traveler, Jeeper and SCUBA diver.