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A Call to Action–Creating Equilibrium

What is our responsibility living at the edge of nature?
First, celebrate. Nature’s delicate and grand kindlings are always near–the lodgepole pines and fresh water, the snow and the sun. It’s a special (and delicate) place. The lifeblood of the Tahoe community confides in a relationship to the outdoors. It’s food for the soul.  It’s our connection to nature that fuels our teachers,  politics,  non-profits, environmentalists, journalists, and ski bums. As a mountain town, our relationship with nature cannot be viewed as something separate, but rather in conjunction with all layers of our community–socially, environmentally and economically. Many don’t live on the frontlines of nature and carry this connection through their community.

Lake Tahoe, a delicate ecosystem, and our home reveal the effects of climate change through algae, warming water temperatures, and invasive species. PHOTO Mike Wald

On the world stage, according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), 2016 was the warmest year on record. It also carried the highest levels of carbon dioxide (released through human activities and burning fossil fuels) in the past 650,000 years. For the year 2016 British Petroleum also (BP) published their recorded estimates of fossil fuel traction: there are 51 years of crude oil and 153 years of coal extraction left in reserves around the world. That’s not much time.

Today, our era’s environmental crisis cannot be analyzed through a singular lens–rather through a montage of knowledge. Fulfilling our community’s responsibility, in partnership with Squaw Valley Institute, Squaw Valley – Alpine Meadows, and Noise Pop, on Aug. 25-27 Squaw Valley will host the inaugural Creating Equilibrium event– a three-day event including a solution–based forum, immersive laboratory, local art, and music festival.

“It has been an incredible journey working together with Steven Kotler and everyone involved to bring “Creating Equilibrium” to life,” Matt Reardon executive director of the Squaw Valley Institute (SVI) said.  “Now more so than ever, both locally and globally, we need to create a more sustainable future for generations to come. I have always been inspired by listening to our kids voices and this quote from seven-year-old Ayla McConkey always resonated with our mission. “ We have one life live it, we have one world protect it.”

Creating Equilibrium was created by Equilibrium Productions and partners to bring local connection to current environmental crises by bridging environmental science and technology to create actionable solutions. The event is set to bring an array of powerhouses between world-renowned technologists, world-saving environmentalists, active musicians, government, and local artists to foster new ideas to solve the environmental challenges the world faces today.

“Our core strategy is deceptively simple we build bridges,” Creating Equilibrium co-founder Steven Kotler said. “Our goal is to bridge gaps between traditionally isolated domains—environmental science, technology, business, government, and academia. Utilizing one of the most radical and future-forward eco-innovation approaches ever seen on the live stage, Creating Equilibrium’s mission is critical—accelerate our better tomorrow.”


Aug. 26 and 27, Creating Equilibrium will begin with Visions, a two-day innovation forum hosted by New York Times bestselling author, Pulitzer Prize nominee, and Creating Equilibrium co-founder Steven Kotler. The forum will include a roundhouse of innovative minds and leaders including:



All proceeds from the event will be invested into supporting entrepreneurs with new approaches to aiding the environmental issues through Creating Equilibrium’s incubator, EQ Ventures. EQ Ventures is looking for 3-5 start-up businesses who embody the best environmental initiatives. Those chosen will be offered an initial investment of $25k-$100k in EQ Ventures’ incubator. The selected startups will also have the opportunity to pitch their businesses to a group of hand-selected, high-net-worth industry leaders and investors. To apply by Aug. 6, visit here.


During the event, the Squaw Valley Village will serve as home base for the Village Green festival– free events for the public centered around culinary culture, interactive art, live music and eco-visionaries that all share a common goal, providing a deeper environmental understanding.








Sounds of the Village
On Saturday evening, the Village concert features a performance by Secret Stash a multi–layer band including– Stefan Lessard from Dave Matthews Band, Mike McCready from Pearl Jam, Fun.’s Nate Ruess, Godsmack’s Sully Erna, saxophone player Michael Ghegan.






Joining them will Dispatch who returns to the road on their first national tour in five years. They will play their only California appearance at Creating Equilibrium. R&B singer-songwriter, Allen Stone will also join the line-up. The Secret Stash, Dispatch and Allen Stone concert will be open to the public, with general admission and VIP tickets available now at www.creatingequilibrium.com.

The three-day event will also include performances by Black Joe Lewis, Bob Moses, Ryan Miller (Guster), Gilligan Moss, Thee Commons, LittleWings




Art of the Village
The Tahoe Public Art (TPA), a non-profit dedicated to enhancing the cultural landscape of the Tahoe region by providing dynamic art experiences, will present and host an array of exhibitions and artists:

Land-To-Lake is a 3D augmented reality art experience that takes visitors on a journey through the impacts of climate change on the ecological biodiversity of the Lake Tahoe Basin. PHOTO Tahoe Art House


Land-To-Lake: is an interactive art installation and informational display that will bring together art and design to foster education and awareness about local environmental issues in biodiversity. The piece will be a simulation of TPA’s Laka’Lelup installation–a floating exhibition on Lake Tahoe. Land To Lake will include animated scientific data visualizations for Lake Health, Forest Health, Climate Change, and Solutions.









Artist: Gilles Cenazandotti
(Presented by Contessa Gallery in collaboration with Tahoe Public Art) Visitors will encounter a series of endangered species, sculpted by a world-renowned artist and activist

Cenazandotti’s work is frequently sculptured out of endangered species, which are created out of items that the artist handpicks off Mediterranean beaches.

Gilles Cenazandotti, constructed of discarded objects harvested from Mediterranean beaches (including petroleum, oil, and plastic based products destroying natural habitats). Over a ten-year period, Cenazandotti completed site-specific design commissions with fashion designer, Jean Paul Gaultier and Philippe Starck and Hermes and Printemps. Cenazandotti works between Paris and Morsiglia, and Cap Corse. “Cenazandotti develops a reflection on the future of our planet and the evolution of our lifestyles that approaches science fiction, a universe necessary to the survival of man and species. His work attempts to show a complex, enigmatic nature, a technological paroxysm where man tries to imitate nature through artificial recreation.”







“Junk and Rye” aims to create a conversation about the health of our oceans. PHOTO JUNKraft

“Junk and Gyre” is a traveling show from the Cleveland Aquarium.The center of the exhibit is the JUNK raft, which is a raft made from 15,000 plastic bottles. The art piece floated an airplane from Los Angeles to Hawaii in 88 days back in 2008. “Junk and Gyre” tells the story of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans and prompt change.






This participatory metal sculpture is centered around microplastic pollution that flows from our seas into us.  The art exhibit has four bicycle generators that power LED lights and water pumps that push microplastic-laden water through the sculpture. It requires no electricity, as it powers itself. Four riders can participate at a time.


Talk of the Village and Taste of the Village
To further engage the public, the Village will also host engaged NGOs, start-up tech companies, community, and government, while supplying sustainable culinary culture, amazing local cuisine.


For more information, visit here.







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